Legal Advertising

The Legal Advertising department at Advantage Legal handles the foreclosure auction process from start to finish with unmatched accuracy and turnaround times in all 62 counties of New York State. In-house attorneys possess valuable litigation experience, with paralegals and support staff that consistently provide responsiveness and dependability to every client. From contacting the Referee to sale attendance, Advantage Legal takes the burden off busy law firms and ensures the legal advertising process is seamless.

The Legal Advertising department provides clients with a true one-stop-shop by handling all foreclosure-related publications in-house. And as a Certified Advertising Agency, reduced publication fees from newspapers are passed directly to clients.

Whether you need à la carte services or a turnkey foreclosure legal advertising solution, Advantage Legal is the industry leader in New York State.

Services Include:
  • Scheduling foreclosure sale
  • Preparation of Notice of Sale
  • Publication of Notice
  • Posting of Notice
  • Foreclosure sale attendance
  • Property tax information
  • Bankruptcy search

Advantage Legal also offers comprehensive publication services for LLCs and LLPs throughout New York State. Learn more.

To place an order, contact us at or 631.870.1005.